Frequent Buyer Rewards Frequent Buyer Rewards

Frequent Buyer Rewards

What are Frequent Buyer Rewards?

Frequent Buyer Rewards are a perk of having an Account with Bull Moose. The two types of rewards you can acquire are Points and Credit, which can be applied to your purchases at checkout to save your valuable money!


For every $15 you spend with us you will earn 1 Frequent Buyer Point. After accumulating enough Frequent Buyer Points you can redeem them for a 50% discount on the item(s) you are buying. Points can be earned and used on as well as within all Bull Moose locations.

How it works

In order to redeem your points, you must have at least the same number of points as the cost of the item. For example, in order to receive a 50% discount on a $10 item, you must have at least 10.0 Frequent Buyer Points available.

Redeeming points deducts them from your account. For example, If you have 21.5 points and redeem 12.6 points, you will have 8.9 points remaining.

Using points

When an item in your cart is eligible for this discount, there will be a button with the text: “Apply X Points for 50% off”

If you click this button, it will apply the discount. To undo this, you can press the button that will now appear saying: “Remove”


Credit can be earned through selling your items back to us at any Bull Moose location, or you may have some from old gift card balances or returns. Once you’ve acquired yourself some credit, you can apply it to your future purchases, online or in-store!

Using credit

Have no fear, it’s super easy! To use your credit online you just need to enter the amount of credit that you would like to use towards the order in the appropriate box under the payment information section of the checkout. Once you’ve entered the desired amount, click “Apply Credit to Order.”

If you’d like to adjust the amount, you can do the same process again to update it. If you’d like to remove the credit from the order, simply click “remove” and it will remain on your account.

Please note: we recommend double checking your total before submitting your order, to ensure your points and credit were successfully added. If you find that they were not properly added after submitting the order, please contact us for assistance.

Merging In-store & Online Rewards

If you have an open account in our stores and would like to utilize your points and credit for online purchases, please fill out this form and we will either make your existing account active online or merge your existing online and in-store accounts together. Once this has been done, you can freely use your points and credit both online and in any Bull Moose location! You do not need to merge accounts if you only have an online account, this is strictly to allow local customers to use their points and credit online as well as in the store.