Bull Moose Book Club (BMBC) Bull Moose Book Club (BMBC)

Bull Moose Book Club (BMBC)

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Introducing Bull Moose Book Club!

If you’re in search of your next favorite book you’ve come to the right place! Each month Bull Moose will select a variety of newly released titles highlighting local, debut, and unique voices whose work we believe deserves a little extra attention.

All BMBC titles will be available to purchase online as well as in-store; titles purchased in-store will receive a stamp on your BMBC Bookmark which, once filled, will be eligible for a free BMBC title of your choice!


BMBC Bookmarks are free to pick up and readily available at all Bull Moose locations! To receive a stamp on your bookmark you must have a Frequent Buyer Account with Bull Moose as well as your Bookmark on hand while purchasing a BMBC title. Bookmarks can be stamped and redeemed at a pace that works best for you; however, the Bookmarks will expire on February 1st, 2025.

BMBC Titles

To browse eligible BMBC titles you can visit BullMoose.com; each month we will update the newly added titles on the primary Bull Moose Book Club page, while housing the full spread of BMBC titles on the Book Club Rewards page. All titles on the Rewards page are eligible for your free book redemption!

Additional Info

Online shipping orders and pre-owned books do not count towards BMBC Bookmark stamps; curbside orders are eligible as long as your bookmark is in hand upon pick-up. Stamps cannot be redeemed for transfers or special orders until the time of purchase. Upon redeeming a fully stamped Bookmark, customers must exchange the Bookmark for the free book reward.

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