Tracking Information

Tracking information can be found on the Orders page of your account. Any item(s) that have shipped will have a shipping date and tracking number associated. If you’re having difficulties locating your tracking information please let us know.

Tracking not updating

If your tracking has not been updated since the initial shipment, and it has been at least eight business days since the package was shipped, please reach out to us and we can discuss replacement or refund options. If it has not yet been eight business days, please give USPS some time to deliver the package. Most packages that have missing tracking information are still delivered within that timeframe, though we understand the anxiety that comes with not knowing where your package is. We appreciate your understanding and patience with this issue, always.

Missing Package

Marked "delivered"

If your package has been marked delivered but is nowhere to be found, please double check with neighbors, housemates, and your post office to ensure the package was not misdelivered. If the package has not arrived within three business days of being marked delivered please let us know and we can discuss replacement or refund options. USPS has been marking many packages as delivered up to three days before they actually arrive, and while we do not understand the reason for this, we can assure you that nearly every report of a missing package is resolved within those three days.

Returned to sender

If your package was marked return to sender without your knowledge, please reach out and we can assist you in setting up a reshipment.

Wrong address

If your package was shipped to the incorrect address as a mistake on our end we will issue a reshipment to the correct address or issue a refund. If the package was shipped to the address provided to us, but you no longer reside there, we will need to wait for the package to be marked return to sender or arrive back to us before we can proceed with replacements or refunds.