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Consigning with Bull Moose

Thank you for your interest in consigning with us! Bull Moose has been working directly with local musicians to sell their albums since 1989. We love to see folks in our community grow and reach new music enthusiasts! If you’d like to see your work on the shelves at Bull Moose, here is a quick rundown of what you need to know:

Who is eligible to consign with Bull Moose?

Any New England based musician who has the legal right to sell and distribute their work is eligible to consign with Bull Moose! That being said, if you are already working with a distributor we recommend speaking with them first, as they may be able to get your product in our stores themselves.

What about non-music related items?

At this time we are only taking on music consignment, but we’re more than happy to check out your other work! If you send us your information we’ll be sure to share it with our buying team. If they’re interested in setting up a wholesale order with you they’ll be in touch!

Can I just drop stuff off at my local store?

Unfortunately it’s a little more complicated than that and we need to get everything set up on the back end. We’ll have you mail your items to a central location and we’ll handle distribution to all the stores!

Will my album be available to order on

Of course! Once your album is listed in our system and in stock they will be available for shipping through our website. We ship hundreds of items per day across the US and are happy to ship yours too!

How do I get paid?

Our system tracks the sales of all items tied to your consignee account, including different albums or formats. Once your sales meet our minimum payment threshold of $50 a check is issued. If you have not been paid it is likely that the threshold has not been met, but please feel free to check in with us and we can confirm!

How long will my items remain in stock?

We’ll keep your items on our shelves for at least one year, and any items with no sales history after one year may be returned to you. If that is the case, we’ll reach out to coordinate the return. Alternatively, if you find you’d like to pull any of your items from our stores just let us know and we can help with that process as well! 

How do we get started?

If you’d like to dive in, you can fill out our consignment form with all the information required to set up the listing in our system. Once we get the listing set up we will reach back out to coordinate getting your album into our stores!